Comments Policy

Comments will be moderated sporadically and at my pleasure. Comments may be deleted for any or no reason, but probably will not be. Four things will definitely get you deleted:

  1. Racism or similar – Sure, this is the internet and you can say anything you want, but this is my part of the internet, and I will have civility.
  2. Comparing anything to Nazis/Nazism – No matter how good the comparison sounded in your head, it is not a good one. You lose. Good day sir.
  3. Trying to promote something – This one’s a little more flexible. If you’re a spam bot with questionable English I’m probably going to let it through, but if your comment is “I say something similar on my blog [link],” I’m probably going to delete it.
  4. Using my real name – If you know what my real name is, please do not use it. I adopted a pseudonym for a reason.

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