The Most Ridiculous Thing You’ll Read About Football Today

Nate Silver use data that doesn’t pass the smell test to make some bizarre statements about college football.

  1. I don’t know about college football fandom in NYC, but I would suspect that at least one of the national megaschools with a history of college football success (Ohio State, Florida, Texas, USCw, etc.) has significantly more legitimate football fans than Rutgers.
  2. If Georgia Tech actually has more fans than Georgia I will eat my hat. Same comparison goes for Miami (FL) and Florida State (and even more so for Boston College and Florida State. That’s just ridiculous).
  3. Fans following along at home should note though that people in the SEC, B1G, PAC-whatever and now maybe Sunbeast front offices ARE having TV market-driven conversations, which is why I initially thought this article would be of interest. Presumably they’re using better data than this.

“Vladimir Putin, Action Man”

“Vladimir Putin aims at a whale with a crossbow…” is pretty much all you need to know. Click through.

Go Terriers!

Have a good weekend everybody. GO T-DOGS!

GOP Debate Sauce

Super depressed no one asked about SEC expansion. Also, shorter Brian Williams to Ron Paul: “Do you REALLY believe that?” Yes, he does.

Ha whoa cool it down there TCU lady.





So the game tonight probably isn’t going to be that good but it doesn’t matter because OMG FOOTBAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW! You should read this.

Peyton Manning 1998-2011

Kerry Collins lumbers out of retirement

The Indianapolis Colts just signed Kerry Collins out of retirement. It’s gotta feel bad to be Curtis Painter or Dan Orlovsky right now.