Apparently the hordes took to Twitter last night in search of the answer to that most vexing of questions: who is Paul McCartney?

I would love to hear someone rationalize why, sitting in front of the TV with a computer at hand, seeing some old person they do not recognize, they choose to take to Twitter in anger rather than Wikipedia or even Google. I know that I speak for both myself and MAS when I say that I would be horrified to discover that I had admitted to having no idea who one of the most significant musical figures of the last century was. Why would you do that?

Also, as to the people who prefer Skrillex to Bon Iver: dubstep is an abomination. The only (sort of) good thing to come out of the dubstep movement is the anthropologically interesting phenomenon of women with Skrillex haircuts. Get off my lawn.


RIP Whitney Houston

Sorry sometimes blogging is hard.

[UPDATE: Shit guys I’m having trouble finding a Whitney Houston video that will let me embed. Imagine either the American Psycho Whitney Houston scene or Whitney Houston telling Diane Sawyer she’s too rich to do crack. Enjoy the placeholder gif.]

Nothing else to say.

Happy 2/1/12

I almost missed this (busy people are busy), but yeah whatever here’s a flimsy excuse to post an awesome Rush song. I’m sure MAS is rolling his eyes over this but Rush is an awesome band. If you are new to the band Moving Pictures is probably the place to start. If you really want to go balls out I highly recommend the three disc Different Stages live album. Anyway, enjoy.

Debate Drinkin’

In honor of tonight’s  nine hundredth republican debate of this cycle here is a song from the always fantastic Drive-By-Truckers.  Want to know a fun fact about this song — more accurately me? I have done more or less everything in this song. (Replace waking up on the floor with the roof of my car? Check. Although when I shot all the guns my neighbors didn’t call the cops and when I did get those guys called, I hid in a Magnolia Tree. College FTW).

If you feel like starting the first — or fourth or fifth — night of your drinking with what is sure to be a painful, painful debate here is the Joker approved drinking game for this evening’s festivities:

  • Someone Brings Up Swiss/Cayman Bank Accounts – Drink
  • Buffet Rule – Drink (Drink Double if it is a Candidate not the Moderator
  • Santorum Shows Up Wearing a Sweater Vest – Drink until that Seems Reasonable
  • Captain Vest or Ron Paul Complain about not Getting a Question – Finish Your Current Drink
  • Someone Brings Up Reagan – Drink (obviously)
  • Someone Brings up Newt’s Reagan Bashing – Drink
  • Newt Defends it by Attacking Reagan from the Right – Chug  Vodka Until that Seems Reasonable
  • Ron Paul Talks About the Fed Rate – Take a Nap, That Shit is BORING
  • Drink Once for Each Shameless Pander to Florida (You Should Note That Newt has Been Pro Moon Base for Ages)
  • Someone Says “Anchor Baby” – Drink Three; One for Mom, Dad, and the Baby. Four if it was Twins
  • Gingrich Says “Republican Establishment” – Drink
  • Someone Says “Washington” in a Negative Context – Take a Sip (If in a Positive Context? Drink Until it Hurts.)
  • Each Time Gingrich Says “Frankly”, “Shockingly”, “Dramatically”, “Fundamentally”, Or Calls Himself a Viking  – Just Kidding, I don’t Want Anyone to Die

In all seriousness folks, DO NOT play this game. It would probably kill you.



Best Album of the 2000s?

“But this tidal wave of tributes threatens to overshadow the 10th anniversary of another towering rock classic, an album that, if not quite as influential as Nevermind, is every bit as dazzling, significant, and stylistically accomplished: the Strokes’ masterly debut Is This It.”

Woo boy there is a lot to hate in this article. I mean, it’s a Strokes album. Think about the 2000s and the great albums that came out in that decade: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Kid A AND In Rainbows, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and Embryonic, Stankonia and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Alive 2007 and Discovery, all 3 LCD Soundsystem albums, Oracular Spectacular… I could go on and on, but have decided that I will not. Bottom line: Is This It is not the best album of the 2000s. I’m not going to put much thought into this, go pure emotions and say that it’s Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (even though deep down inside I know the answer is Kid A), but my extreme Flaming Lips bias and associated emotional issues are pretty well known. While quasi-researching this post I saw someone who had Welcome Interstate Managers by Fountains of Wayne on top of his list (you know, the one with “Stacy’s Mom”), so I feel OK about my pick.

Bad lip reading

See if you can spot the Dr. Steve Brule moment, that’s what I’d do.

h/t jhp


OMG YOU GUYS BIG NEW MUSIC DAY TODAY ITS A BIG ONE first up The Hunter by Mastodon, the hard hitting metal/prog group from Atlanta that is making a strong case for the position of best currently active band (“The King of Limbs” didn’t hurt). Title track is below, which is, on an initial reading, the most melodic track on the album and thus safest for work, although if you’re listening to metal at work where are you working because you’ve got kind of a cool workplace vibe. P.S. if you want to get fired up for something Mastodon’s Moby Dick inspired concept album Leviathan (a Cosmic Joker Top Pick) from back when they were just a metal group (and not metal/prog) is about as brutal as it gets.


NOW for those of you who are less metal inclined today also sees the release of Wilco’s The Whole Love. Wilco’s best work is probably in the past, but they deserve your undying faithfulness because Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (another Cosmic Joker Top Pick). Wilco has been way stingier with their promo singles than Mastodon so “I Might” is the only song I’ve heard off the new album, but its a good one. Enjoy!