Oscar Snoozefest

So I’m sure none of you guys watched the Oscars last night because there was nothing to get excited about and really who wants to spend three hours watching grandiose people tell each other how great they are. The best things that happened were that Angelina Jolie’s right leg got a twitter account after she struck this ridiculous pose on stage, Jim Rash did this, and Meryl Streep winning best actress. Lets talk about Jolie here; what happened to her? I get that she’s going for glamorous and beautiful, and five (?) years ago I would totally be buying what she’s selling here, but now she looks like she would be sharp if you touched her and maybe she has a device in her basement to extract the blood from young virgin peasants for her bath time needs.



Jack and Jill Trailer

I’ve watched several of these (which will be linked below the fold) and they’re pretty funny. The one above is the original; the Michael Caine one is really well done. I wonder what its like working on a project like this where the end product is totally awful. Are people generally too blinded by their optimism and enthusiasm for the project to see that it is shaping up really poorly, or is there some kind of economic/movie business rule that says “once you’ve spent X dollars on a project you have to finish it if you can afford to” (and on a related note I wonder how small that amount of dollars is). Speaking of terrible movies that will never see the light of day, I wonder what the movie Nailed‘s fate will be (Columbia, SC people will recall this movie featuring Jessica Biel being filmed around the state house a couple of years ago)?

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