Monday Mix: Cover Letter

As promised but super late here’s my cover song playlist. Kick things off with, of course, a William Shatner cover. The original is, of course, Pulp. This version features vocals from Joe Jackson (of “Is She Really Going Out With Him” fame), and a completely different feel than the original.  Spotify link is below, with tracklist and commentary after the jump.

Spotify Playlist



Guys sorry I forgot to do a Monday Mix today; the beginning of college football season and the Monday holiday threw my posting schedule off for the beginning of this week. The theme would have been (and will be when the work-in-progress playlist comes together next Monday) great cover songs. As a sort of internet apology card, please to accept this video of Dread Zeppelin, like the greatest Led Zeppelin cover band of all time. In case you’re wondering, yes they are a reggae themed Led Zeppelin cover band with an Elvis impersonator as a lead singer. Enjoy!

Monday Mix: Morning with Muammar

The theme of this week’s Monday Mix is music for a world that has ended. It is dedicated to Muammar Qaddafi, who is having a much worse Monday than you are. Deservedly so. Link is below, with tracklist and commentary after the jump. Apologies for its brevity; technical issues and holes in Spotify’s collection (did you know that they only have one Godspeed You! Black Emperor song?) conspired against me this weekend.

Spotify playlist

Monday Mix: Sexy Sax

So apparently the new M83 song has everyone talking about saxophone solos. Lucky for you, I’m both way ahead of the curve and way behind it, and have been talking about wanting more sax in popular music for years now. So for your listening pleasure I’ve compiled a Spotify playlist of great and not great saxophone solos. First, the inspiration:

M83 – Midnight City: I could go for a little more heavy handed sax, but it’s a good track, and I’m glad we’re having this conversation. Sadly, the album doesn’t come out until October, so it’s not on Spotify yet and had to be presented separately. Here’s the rest of the mix, with commentary after the fold:

Sexy Sax