But does he like driving in his truck?

And much more importantly, does he know that Auburn sucks?

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Richard:  He should embrace it and start going by r-money
MAS:  R-money is worth like 8 normal dollars
Unfortunately guys this one is photoshopped. I still think R-Money is a good nickname for Romney to embrace.

Kittens Romney?

“Finally, maybe, just maybe, if we all went back to school, we’d improve our odds of knowing that Mitt Romney’s real first name is neither Gromit (2 percent) nor Mittens (2 percent).”


Looks like Rick Perry has decided who the frontrunners are. I’m a little shocked at how direct and aggressive this ad is, but then, it’s a Perry ad, so I’m kinda not. I’m curious to see what the Romney camp’s response to this will be.

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