It Gets Scary


I, like all intelligent music lovers, have a serious soft spot for Bowie. And how could you not? But back in reality I’m not an expert. So, in trying to write this I continue to come up with bands and artists that either would never have been around with out him. Can you imagine, oh I don’t know, 85% of the New Wave movement with out Bowie. I can’t.

As I said I’ve never claimed to be a Bowie “completist” as it were, so when I sat down and thought about what I could contribute to his — still living —¬†hagiography, the best¬† I could do was poke around the internet.

So a big H/T to Aquarium Drunkard for pointing me towards what, I hope, is a new find for y’all as well.

Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) is the first album following the “so called” Berlin trilogy ( Low, “Heroes” and Lodger) and is widely (you can take wildly to mean “me”) considered his the last of his great albums.

That being said, there has been, for ages a grey market bootleg of b-sides and other extravaganza from that era. Having spent the whole day listening to both the official and the bootleg… get to know them both. But there is a reason that this has been floating around since before I was born. It is because it is amazing. Download it. Learn it. Love it.


Happy Birthday Jim DeMint!

Our junior senator is 60 today. Happy birthday to a good guy and a great American.