In Which I Don’t Drive Traffic to Paul Krugman

I promised someone that I would write a post linking Paul Krugman’s super tasteless 9/11 “shame” post to the new episode of Squidbillies last night, but I didn’t and now I’m tired. This is basically what I would have written anyway. I do find it mildly amusing that Krugman used 9/11 to shamelessly demagogue about people who used 9/11 for demagoguery. That, by the way, was a really difficult sentence to get my head around.


9/11 From Space

This of course made me think of Walter Dangerfield in Dr. Bloodmoney. Great book. These photos are, like all 9/11 photos, staggering.

Unpublished 9/11 Ground Zero Photos

“ā€œIā€™d been standing directly beneath the north tower when it collapsed. That I survived seems almost miraculous. I was inside that massive cloud of smoke and dust, suffocating and blinded. I kept moving and eventually saw light emanating in the distance.ā€

I remember how shocking it was watching the towers fall on television in the school library (this will be my only “durr hurr where I was on 9/11” mention) and can only imagine how mentally and emotionally crippling it would have been to be standing right there. In one of the photos Nachtwey mentions how the firefighters “clicked into a kind of professional default and did what they knew how to do.” That he was able to take such well composed and memorable photographs at the scene indicates that he has a “professional default” too, and that it’s pretty darned good.