Mike Slive answers all your questions

“Slive” is SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, who has what I consider to be the greatest job of all time.


Defining Hope, Obama Style

This appeared yesterday on Barack Obama’s tumblr.


I wouldn’t think this would appear in any definition of hope. It would, however, be one of the more common ways to define faith, as in: “I have faith that the outcome I hope for will come to pass, even though it appears unlikely at the moment.” In the sense that the Obama campaign uses the word, which is that hope is the embodiment of a better tomorrow through Barack Obama and the ideals it represents, I suppose it works well, and as a quote from a speech of which I am not aware (which is what the tumblr post it comes from seems to imply it is) it is quite good.

Of course being a juvenile at heart I can’t get past the phallic connotations.

Via h/t MAS


I herd you like brackets…

March Madness Everything


Basketball is dumb. We know this, and I feel your pain. But the tournament setup is awesome, and this time of year people are setting up tournaments for just about everything, which is pointless and fun. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites right now:

The SBNation animated gif bracket. My internet browsing breaks down like this: politics: 15%, sports: 15%, music: 15%, other: 5%, searching for animated gifs: 50%. They’re pretty much the reason I’m here. This is worth checking out for the Toronto Raptors mascot rollerblading gif alone.

Garden and Gun ultimate southern food bracket. Garden and Gun is great, you guys. You can argue about the seeding (Cosmicjoker personal favorite Fried Okra as a 16 seed is getting PUNISHED by Pulled Pork) but it definitely is an interesting conversation piece. (h/t to MAS on this one)

I think I had something else but I appear to have closed the tab and forgotten what it was. Oops. Enjoy.



Guys your Facebook posts aren’t going to magically transport Joseph Kony to the Hague, as much as we wish they would. Support for Carl Weathers, on the other hand, is always encouraged.

Sunday Song

Thanks to a conversation on 80s music last night I have the song “Good Girls Don’t” by The Knack stuck in my head. Now you do too. Enjoy this beautiful Selection Sunday/Kobalt Tools 400.


(This piece began life as a late night email to MAS, inspired by this tweet)

Sid Meier’s Colonization: Is it offensive enough?

This piece is profoundly annoying on its own merits. I find it hard to believe that the author is so genuinely offended by Sid Meier’s Colonization, a game which should keep you too busy doing thankless micromanaging to experience the “guilt” the author describes. But what really drives it over the edge for me is his misuse of the abbreviation “cf.” (which should only be used when inviting the reader to compare something to something else, and not, as he is using it, as a substitute for see).