Most readers probably know that the NFL Combine has been going on since Wednesday, which gives people like me an opportunity to gorge ourselves on the football we so crave. It also gives us an opportunity to engage in rampant, virtually consequence-free speculation about people we’ve never met (YAY!). There are so many questions: Why didn’t Alshon Jeffrey run the 40? How do quarterbacks escape Clemson DE Andre Branch (who, at 6’4″ 259 lbs, ran the 40 in an unofficial 4.62s)? What socks did RG3 wear?

One of the most intriguing characters in this year’s draft is Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict. Huge, physically gifted, and personal foul happy, this time last year Burfict looked poised to become a real top prospect at linebacker, but this year he has seriously underachieved. Taken together with some serious off field and attitude issues and Burfict has become a hard pill to swallow. Now we get this from the always fantastic Bruce Feldman (read the whole thing):

“I wouldn’t touch him,” said one scout. “He does have some talent, but he is so undisciplined on and off the field. The guy is completely out of control. There’s no way you could trust him. I can’t believe they (ASU coaching staff) didn’t cut him loose.”

Wow. Strong words. We’ll be watching with interest, but you guys probably already knew that.


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