Apparently the hordes took to Twitter last night in search of the answer to that most vexing of questions: who is Paul McCartney?

I would love to hear someone rationalize why, sitting in front of the TV with a computer at hand, seeing some old person they do not recognize, they choose to take to Twitter in anger rather than Wikipedia or even Google. I know that I speak for both myself and MAS when I say that I would be horrified to discover that I had admitted to having no idea who one of the most significant musical figures of the last century was. Why would you do that?

Also, as to the people who prefer Skrillex to Bon Iver: dubstep is an abomination. The only (sort of) good thing to come out of the dubstep movement is the anthropologically interesting phenomenon of women with Skrillex haircuts. Get off my lawn.


About richardwahnfried
Not named Richard Wahnfried, not krautrock legend Klaus Schulze.

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