Building the perfect Bloody Mary bar

To get all the USC fans out there prepped up for a noon game this weekend.

Don’t be sad if your Bloody Mary bar this weekend isn’t this extensive; I approve of the intemperate excess they’ve got going on here, but really, do you need both steamed oysters AND boiled shrimp on your Bloody Mary bar? As I type this, my stomach says yes. That said, we keep it simple in the Wahnfried household: Clamato, vodka (bacon infused if I’ve got some around), Worcestershire, Old Bay, black pepper, hot sauce of your choice (probably Texas Pete Hotter, but potentially also Cholula or maybe something stronger if I’m feeling adventurous), Pickapeppa sauce, some olive juice and a couple olives. OK, so maybe I don’t keep it that simple. Everything to taste, of course, because that’s the way most of my recipes go (add X to taste, cook until it’s done).

h/t akm


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Not named Richard Wahnfried, not krautrock legend Klaus Schulze.

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