Proposal for a cover band:

So I was brainstorming about cover bands last night (and lets be honest, you were too right?) and I came up with the greatest idea this side of Dread Zeppelin: a Beatles cover band that does songs in the style of Can using only alternate working lyrics with a Giorgio A. Tsoukalos impersonator as its frontman. What I’m really looking for here is a mashup of Get Back (with alternate “No Pakistanis” lyrics):

and Vitamin C off Ege Bamyasi (which as we all know is a Cosmic Joker Top Pick):


with an excuse to post the gif that’s below the fold, keeping my additional comments open minded.

  1. There is SO MUCH BUTTHURT over “No Pakistanis” in the YouTube comments. This is a continuing reminder: do not read YouTube comments. The commenters are terrible people, one and all. Do as I say, not as I do.
  2. There are at least several Beatles songs that have goofy alternate lyrics in demo versions. I remember hearing somewhere that the original version of Yesterday had the lyrics “Scrambled eggs/oh my darling how I love your legs…” but I have never heard it. If anyone knows a source on that that would be neat.
  3. Ancient Aliens is a fantastic television program. None of these guys even begin to consider that maybe ancient people made up stories about fire coming from the sky because that’s totally boss. Nope, had to be aliens.

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