“One day, I began receiving fan email expressing admiration for my music. Being no musician, it quickly became apparent I had intercepted fan email intended for another Daniel Bejar. Googling my name I discovered there was indeed another Daniel Bejar, who happened to be a rock star of the band Destroyer.”

  1. Dude edit your writing. The first sentence is OK but the other two are absolutely abusive to clarity norms. I think he’s trying to use the word “Being” as a conjunction and a verb at the same time in the second sentence (using it solely as a conjunction he would say “Being as I’m no musician…” but that’s nonstandard usage and should be avoided in non-colloquial settings). “[R]ock star of the band Destroyer” sounds cool in my Borat voice. Unless the “Googlegänger” Daniel Bejar speaks English as a second language (which is possible; I’ve had trouble finding actual biographical information on him pre-1999 when he graduated from college in Florida. If English is his second language then I’m a jerk for jumping all over his grammar, and I’m sorry).
  2. Calling Dan Bejar a “rock star” is pushing the common understanding of that phrase. He is a rock musician, but I don’t know about “star.”
  3. Isn’t the internet awesome?

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Not named Richard Wahnfried, not krautrock legend Klaus Schulze.

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  1. Krispy Kreme says:

    This is my favorite blog post so far. Mainly because I fucking love that song.

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